We believe that everyone deserves justice and compensation for any financial harm they've suffered. Our dedicated team of experts is here to help our clients navigate the complex world of mis-selling and financial compensation.

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Missold.io is a platform helping victims of financial mis-selling. Through a redesigned landing page, it offers improved user experience, empowering users with comprehensive resources, guidance, and support to address their grievances and seek compensation.

Primary logos

The logo created for missold.io captures its essence with a simple yet impactful design, representing trust and empowerment.

The minimalist logo for missold.io symbolizes trust and empowerment, leaving a lasting impression that aligns with the platform's mission.

Brand Colors

The four-color combination in missold.io's redesign exudes trust and professionalism, creating an inviting user experience.

The balanced color palette in missold.io's redesign instills trust and professionalism while enhancing brand recognition and user engagement.


Primary Font

Gotham font in missold.io's redesign adds modernity and sophistication to the overall visual appeal.

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The redesigned missold.io landing page offers an effective solution for victims of financial mis-selling. With improved user experience, comprehensive resources, and streamlined processes, it empowers individuals to seek resolution, compensation, and community support.

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