I Hate Airlines

Claiming from an airline can be a nightmare! We're here to make filing a claim with any airline as easy as possible! Get £600 without having to deal with airlines! We take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about getting reimbursed for a flight that was canceled or delayed

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The redesigned "I Hate Airline" landing page offers a user-friendly experience, utilizing 3D icons and illustrations to simplify the process of claiming compensation from airlines. It provides informative resources and intuitive navigation, empowering users to navigate airline-related issues with ease.

Primary logos

The logo for "I Hate Airline" incorporates a simple font logo accompanied by an Aeroplan icon, symbolizing the company's focus on airline-related issues.

This combination creates a visually striking and recognizable logo that effectively represents the brand's mission.

Brand Colors

The four-color combination in "I Hate Airline" redesign exudes trust and professionalism, creating an inviting user experience.

The balanced color palette in "I Hate Airline" redesign instills trust and professionalism while enhancing brand recognition and user engagement.


Primary Font

HK Grotesk & Outfit fonts in "I Hate Airline" redesign adds modernity and sophistication to the overall visual appeal.

"hk grotesk outfit web font used by alexo marketing for i hate airline website "


The redesigned "I Hate Airline" landing page provides an efficient solution for claiming compensation from airlines. With a user-friendly experience, 3D icons, and intuitive navigation, users can confidently navigate airline-related issues and increase their chances of successful claims.

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