Declare is your personalized program to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy one step at a time. Through artificial intelligence, Declare supports your weight loss journey by creating a customized program for you.


The redesigned Declare landing page offers a personalized weight loss program with advanced algorithms, nutritional guidance, and exercise recommendations. The intuitive design and user-friendly interface empower users on their weight loss journeys with a seamless experience.

Primary logos

The simple font logo for Declare represents its minimalist and modern approach, embodying clarity and sophistication.

The sleek and straightforward font logo for Declare epitomizes elegance and professionalism, leaving a memorable impression.

Brand Colors

The four-color combination in Declare redesign exudes trust and professionalism, creating an inviting user experience.

The balanced color palette in Declare redesign instills trust and professionalism while enhancing brand recognition and user engagement.


Primary Font

Avenir Next font in Declare redesign adds modernity and sophistication to the overall visual appeal.


The redesigned Declare Landing page offers an optimized solution, providing a seamless and personalized weight loss journey. With advanced algorithms, nutritional guidance, and progress tracking, users are empowered to achieve their goals effectively and sustainably.

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